Green Road Waste provides comprehensive waste removal, recycling, grease trap cleaning, used cooking oil recycling, composting, and pest/extermination services. Our seasoned professionals’ ability to evaluate your specific needs affords you the best price possible. And our turnkey approach makes for both efficient waste removal, and significantly less hassle for you.

How you can benefit:

Waste removal

  • Lower your costs and put more money in your pocket
  • Decrease wasted parking space, and increase your green footprint
  • Safe and odorless experience


  • Reduce landfill waste
  • Decrease your disposal costs while helping the environment
  • Gain a knowledgeable environmental resource and advice for proper disposal

Used Cooking Oil Recycling

  • Removal at little to no cost to you
  • Receive a rebate(!)
  • Less worry and more productivity

Grease Trap Cleaning

  • Choose scheduled pickups or on-call pickups
  • Professionals do your cleaning
  • Disposal at licensed facilities


  • Consulting on appropriate composting metrics and help setting goals
  • Large network of gardens and disposal sites
  • Sustainability outcome reports on how your disposals make an impact


  • Choose scheduled service or on-call / as needed

Green Road Waste can provide you with a recycling diet that can trim your waste. Contact us today!

Grease Trap Cleaning Tips:

Minimize the Grease: The simplest way to ensure that your lines don’t get blocked is to keep out what could potentially block them in the first place. Minimize the amount of food particles that fall into the trap.

Avoid Putting Trash in your Trap: Grease traps are not trash cans. Straws, silverware, cups, paper products and rags are commonly found grease traps; these items can cause the line to break or backup, leading to a temporary shut down and costly emergency fees. Train your staff to dispose of these and similar items in the proper receptacle.

Clean Your Grease Trap Regularly: Taking care of your grease trap is important. You should have it cleaned every other month to ensure that the machine doesn’t break, and to stay in compliance with your warranty. Using a professional grease hauler to clean and pump your system will provide you with a better return on your investment.

We recommend that the trap be cleaned when approximately 20% of the liquid that is present in the trap is composed of grease or oil. Your trap should never have an unpleasant odor or show signs of blockage. If either of these signs are present, it’s time to clean your grease trap.