Everyday clothes are being purchased, just to be worn a few times, then thrown away. Join us in helping reducing landfill waste, recycling materials and providing clothing to people here in the United States, as well as overseas! Placement of these containers is quick and easy. Once the container is in place, you will immediately start seeing the benefits!


Landfill Waste Reduction

Landfill space throughout the country is quickly filling up! Over 13 million tons of clothing is disposed of every year, with only about 10% being reused or recycled. Clothing bins can quickly decrease this unnecessary waste.

Community Charitable Aid

Placement of the clothing container on your property has benefits to everyone in the community. Simply allowing this on your property assists the community both charitably and environmentally.

Great Tax Advantages

In addition to getting paid, having a clothing receptacle on your property could qualify you for great tax advantages.